Objectives of the program

This program has the main objective to provide students with the know-how and knowledge of developing entrepreneurship in a sustainable way. Modern circumstances of operating a business must include methods and ways of implementing sustainable activities. The aim is to educate quality human resources that will represent successful entrepreneurs for future establishing viable businesses in different fields. This is done in order to boost economic development in accordance with modern needs in global terms.


Program outcomes

By completing this program students will gain competences which will help them become successful entrepreneurs and start up a new business that will be sustainable in many ways. Not only will they acquire the basic knowledge about entrepreneurship and sustainability but also the importance of implementing sustainable-based innovation, the major implications of the new establishment on society, economy and environment. They will also be ready to choose the right marketing management that is related to sustainability, to successfully manage human resources in order for them to implement sustainability in their own workplaces, as well as proper risk management and situational analysis in order to determine the surroundings, its positive and negative influences, and according to this to take corrective action when needed. These different fields are divided into topics which are logically connected into the program. Furthermore, the provided theoretical information and knowledge will be supplemented with quality practical advices or best practices of conducting business in a sustainable manner, as well as lecturing by members of the tourism business community.


Transnational Curriculum "Sustainable Entrepreneurship in Tourism" - VET Level

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Course Image Course 2: Fundamentals of sustainable development and sustainable entrepreneurship

In this brief course the participants will be introduced with a number of terms and concepts, among which “Sustainability” is chief. They will learn that it is not just the establishing and the investing in a business, but more important than that is for that business to be sustainable. We will discuss definitions, planning, strategies, methods and different approaches to create and maintain a business through sustainability.

Elaborated by: Zilbije Ibraimi, North Macedonia