Objectives of the program

The main objective of the program is to provide students with knowledge on the role and characteristics of entrepreneurship in new technologies and similar industries in modern conditions of operating enterprises. The gained knowledge is aimed primarily on small and medium sized enterprises which have the need for implementing modern technologies and entrepreneurship. Students will gain dominantly creative and practical knowledge.


Program outcomes

After completing this program the students will be able to understand the importance of innovation and creativity in entrepreneurship, especially in using new technologies. They will gain knowledge about the different operations of entrepreneurship and the implementation of new technologies in the different phases and aspects of the process. Students will also comprehend the implications on various levels that can arise and will be able to identify the risks and how to overcome them in order to be successful. In this regard they will also learn how to determine the best outcomes of problem solving that arise from implementing new technology, more specifically through situational and SWOT - analysis and finding the best solutions. Legal ramifications are an important part of the gained knowledge that may arise and must be taken into account/An important part of the gained knowledge is the legal ramifications that may arise and that have to be taken into account. Additionally, to the theoretical knowledge, students will be in continuous contact with representatives of the business community who will share with students’ best practices and examples from their personal experience regarding new technologies.


Transnational Curriculum "Entrepreneurship in New Technologies and Related Industries" - VET Level

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